Evening Menu

This is a small sample of our Evening Menu served daily from 5pm Daily specials also available.

Soups and Starters

Homemade Soup of the Day with a Bread Roll       £4.50
Haggis Bon-Bons with Sweet Chilli Mayo       £6.25
Brie Wedges with Cranberry Sauce       £5.50
Loaded Potato Skins with Cheese & Bacon       £5.95

Main Courses

Breakded Scampi with Salad & Coleslaw        £11.95
Beef Steak Pie with a Puff Pastry Lid        £12.95
Morris’s Chicken Melt – BBQ Sauce & Cheese       £11.95
Chilli-con-Carne with Rice and Nachos        £11.95
Gammon Steak with Egg or Pineapple       £11.95
Pulled Pork Burger with Salad & Coleslaw       £12.95
10oz Ribeye Steak, Tomato, Mushrooms & Onion Rings        £19.95
Feta Cheese Salad with Pine Nuts & Balsamic Dressing        £10.95
Sweet Chilli Vegetable Stir Fry & Rice        £9.50

Daily Sweet Specials are available from £5.25